Monday, October 5, 2015

Little Free Libraries Coming to Saline!

A fun and exciting new project is making its way into Saline parks...

The City of Saline and Saline Parks and Recreation Department approved five Little Free Libraries in Saline parks. Funding for Saline's Little Free Libraries came from the Saline Arts & Culture Committee, who thought that this would be the perfect art addition to the parks and city of Saline. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Little Free Libraries, their purpose is to promote literacy and community. They function on a "Take One, Leave One" basis, in that adults and children can take a book from the Little Library, and leave a different book in its place. For more information about Little Free Libraries, visit

Over a dozen artists from Two Twelve Arts Center volunteered their time, paints, and talents to design and create the art on the five Saline Little Libraries. In addition, ACE Hardware of Saline donated primer paint for the libraries, and the Saline UPS Store is creating plaques for each Little Library. 

The libraries are near completion, and should be installed in about a month in four city parks --Brecon Park, Mill Pond Park, Risdon Park, and at the Rec Center--as well as at Saline City Hall. Saline Schools Alternative Education Program students will be helping with the installation through their community service, rounding out the community involvement for this project from start to finish. 

Book donations--both children and adult--are welcomed for initial start-up. To donate, please contact Marci Cameron at: . 

Thank you to all of the Saline organizations, businesses, and artists who contributed to the creation of the Little Free Libraries, and thanks especially to Marci Cameron who brought this project to Saline.

Free Little Library Artists
Marci Cameron
Cindy Baxter
Kristine Shoopmann
Kat Daugaard
Holly Kreag
Stacey Harper
Lisa Belanger
Kathy Earle
Val Mann
Gay Halseth
Eileen Shivak
Sandy Webster
Kathy Rich

 Enjoy these photos of the artists at work! The artists had the use of Kristine Shoopmann's art studio to conduct their work, through her generous hospitality. Can't wait to see these Little Free Libraries around Saline! (Photos courtesy of Cindy Baxter and Marci Cameron.)

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  1. Congrats to everyone who worked on these beautiful little libraries which are actually outdoor art with a punch of knowledge! Thanks Cindy Baxter, Two Twelve Artists and Marci Cameron.


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