Friday, May 15, 2015

Clouds and Prints

We've had some new and fun classes lately at 212! Linoleum Cut Printmaking, taught by Kristine Haddox, is well underway. Students have been learning to use different cutting tools to carve their designs into a soft linoleum block. These blocks can then be made into multiple prints, in black and white or color. Take a look at their progress below: 

Our Landscape Series also continued this week with Valerie Mann's Clouds class. In this session, students spent the morning learning about clouds and how to paint them within a landscape. Students used watercolors and photos for reference as they sketched and painted the detail of the clouds. Here are some shots of their work:

Don't forget to check out our online brochure here. Registration can be done through our website, or by calling us at 734.944.2787. 

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