Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Self Portrait Series Continued...

As you may remember, some of our popular featured classes this summer were a part of our Self Portrait Series. There was Self Portrait Simplified, Self Portrait Simplified Part 2, Andy Warhol Inspired Self Portrait, and more. The idea of this series is to inspire students to create their own self portraits. Ranging from Pop Art to representational, each class is designed for students to leave with a completed self portrait. 

The classes were such a hit this summer that we added a few more to our Fall Brochure. Below are the photos from the recent offering of Self Portrait Simplified, taught by Jean Canavan, in which students focused on the style of Frida Kahlo and other early painters from the 20th century.  

In addition, there are photos from a second offering of Andy Warhol Inspired Self Portrait, taught by Meghan Canavan. All of the self portraits turned out GREAT. Take a look!

Look out for some of these self portraits, along with others, as a part of our November Artist of the Month exhibit.

Andy Warhol Inspired Self Portrait
Didn't they turn out great??

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