Friday, January 27, 2012

Flying February

Last Friday, our Cake Eaters turned in 20 birdhouses for the Birdhouse Challenge. This particular challenge was simple: create a work of art inspired by the theme birdhouse, to be used in a Downtown Treasure Hunt. 

Prizes were given for First, Second and Third Place. We were very happy to have Jim Roth, of Saline City Council, and Cindy Czubko, who heads the Saline Main Street Effort and is Principal at Beckett and Raeder, as our challenge judges. After much deliberation, the judges awarded three winners with gift certificates.

First Place was awarded to Karen Losey, who made a felted fiber birdhouse complete with baby birds begging for food inside the house.
Second Place was awarded to Cindy Baxter, who created the Migration Motel, a compilation of nine birdhouses designed to house every type of bird.
Third Place was awarded to Kay Cassill, who made a tropical fantasy birdhouse suitable for a flying fish. Cassill's birdhouse was based on the Frank Sinatra song, "On the Road to Mandalay."

All of the birdhouses will be featured in Saline's downtown businesses during the month of February as a part of the Flying February Downtown Treasure Hunt, an annual collaboration between the Saline Downtown Merchants Association and Two Twelve Arts Center. This is the third annual scavenger hunt, with last year's search featuring Mouse Houses, and the prior year's featuring Fairy Doors. During this month-long search, the public has the opportunity to find all of the birdhouses and mark them off on a playing card by collecting a stamp at each birdhouse location. After finding all of the birdhouses, playing cards can be turned in at any participating business for a chance to win a lovely gift basket compliments of Saline's downtown businesses.

Thank you to Saline Downtown Merchants Association for supplying our winners with My Favorite Café gift certificates.

The birdhouses will be moved to the Saline District Library in March.

All of our artists created such wonderful, unique, and inspiring birdhouses. Don't miss your opportunity to see the birdhouses and qualify to enter the gift basket drawing.

Pictured here are our three winners with their birdhouses: Karen Losey, Cindy Baxter and Kay Cassill; our judges Jim Roth and Cindy Czubko; and Helen Martin representing the SDMA.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Artist of the Month: Linda Kortesoja Klenczar

During the months of January and February, Two Twelve Arts Center is proud to display the recent works of Linda Kortesoja Klenczar. Linda's show, entitled "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," features beautiful pastel and watercolor paintings that capture Northern Michigan landscapes and architecture. Linda focuses on composition and movement within her work, bringing each piece to life with an emphasis on light and shadow. Linda has painted in every season, but especially enjoyed her summer up north where she observed and painted the multicolored sands, the reflections in the lakes, and the old structures of small town Michigan.

The artist's reception will be held this Sunday, January 29, from 1-3pm at Two Twelve Arts Center. Don't miss this opportunity to meet Linda and view her stunning work.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art Escape: Shaving Cream on Silk

I had the pleasure of taking this Tuesday's Art Escape Class, Shaving Cream on Silk, taught by Nancy McKay. And let me tell you, it was awesome. It transported me back to my Kindergarten days of shaving cream art, and I had so much fun experimenting with different color palettes, patterns and designs.

This form of printmaking had a fairly simple process. We began by choosing our dye, then put shaving cream on a tray, dropped our colors on the shaving cream, and then swirled, scratched, smeared or spread the colors however we desired. Next we placed a piece of pre-treated silk over the shaving cream, pat it down, and then peeled it off. Nancy is going to steam treat the silk and then the class will be able to do whatever they wish with their beautiful, colorful silk. I'm already brainstorming the possibilities...Any suggestions?

Shaving cream with the dye in a marbled design. Doesn't it look delicious?
We also used combs to manipulate the colors in the shaving cream.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coming Soon to Art Escape: Crazy Bracelet and Earrings

Kat Campau's Crazy Bracelet and Earrings class will be featured during Art Escape on February 7, from 9:30am-12pm. There is still space left in this class. 
Here are some crazy examples:

Crazy Doodles Bracelet

Crazy Lace Bracelet with Earrings

Monday, January 16, 2012

Creative Paths: Art Classes for Home Schoolers

NEW to Two Twelve Arts Center!

We are now offering art classes for home school students. Immerse your student in the art experience and make art a part of their home school life. Join the Two Twelve Home School team in art classes designed to meet your academic and creative study requirements. Students can learn the fundamentals of 2D and 3D art through a variety of medium studies; while other experiences will focus on art history topics through guided field trips and the exploration of specific artists and art themes. Classes can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of home school situations, large or small groups, elementary through high school. Fees are negotiable.

Give us a call to discuss the art experience possibilities we can offer your home schooler at Two Twelve.
(734) 944-ARTS(2787)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year to all our friends

Greetings of the New Year:
I hope the year 2012 is filled with happiness and fulfilled wishes, hopes and dreams. I think the 212 in 2012 suggests a year full of artistic joy and accomplishment. Personally, my New Year's resolution is to complete the sweater that I started in Donna McCauley's class exactly one year ago. Yes my fellow knitting classmates, I know you are totally sick of seeing that purple yarn being pulled out of my knitting back for nearly 52 weeks. I only seem to have one and a half sleeves left to knit, but I can hardly stand to look at it either. I keep hoping the knitting fairy will finish it off or a band of moths will eat it. But I will try...certainly try to finish it. My classmates (well, except for Cindy) have gone on to make the dreaded wrap me up shawl ..and Cathy, of course has knitted enough socks for an army and even an extra wrap me up shawl...she is such an over achiever and teacher's pet. Class starts again in a few weeks...maybe, just maybe I'll whip up those sleeves.
And congratulations to all those artists who participated in our week-long Holiday Sale. Have you heard? Sales totaled almost $15,000. And all that goes directly to the artists. Thanks to the whole 212 staff, especially Gaines and Meghan for their great organizational talent and energy; and to all the volunteers and especially to our artful accounting CPA specialist, Deb Kolar whose expertise with numbers and the computer made it possible for almost everyone to receive their checks before Christmas. Thank you everyone.
Just think, it was only a year ago that we were packing up our old 212 to move to 216. It seems so long ago. Our new nest is just perfect. Too small sometimes, but that coziness is what makes us special.
Love to all and wishes for a creative year when all your paintings make you happy, when all your stitches hold together, when you can count your knits and purls, when your mosaics pieces fit together, when your pastels don't smudge, when your classes are filled, when your clay listens to your fingers, and when your creativity reigns supreme in your heart and in our home at 212.