Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rob on duty

Caught this shot yesterday. Rob was busy at the front desk trying to help someone decide what class to take. If you need course selection counseling, Rob is a great source of information and advice. He's on duty all day Friday and Saturday mornings. If you haven't met Rob Kinsey, you should stop by and say hello. He is a third year student at EMU. He spent his first two college years at College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He is now finishing up his required teacher education training and plans to become an art educator. Rob teaches classes at Two Twelve and heads up the Art on the Go program with Amara Karapas. He also teaches at the Teen Center in Saline. If you are interested in encaustic painting (painting with wax), give Rob a call when he is at Two Twelve and he will set up a class for you in his home studio in Saline.
By the way: notice the big thick class registration book.
Five years ago it was a purse size notebook with about 10 pages in it. My how we've grown! Thanks everyone.


  1. Received this unsolicited email today:

    I signed up for a drawing class at 212 Arts on Friday. The young gentleman at the front desk was very helpful,professional and kind--good sense of humor too! I think it is important to pass along good experiences to employers. I didn't know who to address, so I was hoping you could pass this on to the appropriate person. The young man left a very positive impression in my mind about 212 Arts. It makes me eager for the class to begin, and will bring me back for more classes!

  2. Rob---A young man with many talents and a bright future in Art. Just the kind of person I would want teaching my own kids art in today's world.

  3. It's always great to have a good "front" man.
    Cindy Baxter but I have to post as Anonymous


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