Monday, October 17, 2011

More Studio Tour Fun

The Studio Tours held on Friday made for a wonderful and inspiring day for all of the Two Twelve artists who attended. Each studio had a personality of its own; reflecting the art and creativity of the artist. We would like to thank the three artists that shared their space with us one more time-Sandy Webster, Linda Klenczar, and Anne Sheill. And thank you again to everyone who contributed to the delicious spread of food, and to Kat Campau for organizing the tours. It was a great day, and we look forward to more studio tours in the Spring!

Sandy's Studio:
(To read about Sandy's studio check out our last post.)

Linda's Studio:
Linda's studio space was very spacious, and she certainly didn't need any help filling the space with her gorgeous pastels. I am just amazed at how much she produces! She had her own work lining the walls, an entire wall of books, an old family loom, and various easel stations that allow her to work on more than one piece at a time. A space that was both professional and comfortable, Linda's studio felt like the perfect place to let creativity cultivate.

Anne's Studio:
Anne's studio took over numerous rooms in her home. The first area was on her main floor directly under a skylight. Here, Anne focuses on pastels and painting, with a ventilation system under her easel to manage the pastel dust. The skylight was a great feature, allowing Anne to work under natural light. Her second studio space was on the second floor, where Anne said she spends most of her evenings. The room had some great shelving space, a large and accessible flat file for paper, drawers filled with found objects for her assemblages, and some very interesting antique pieces that added plenty of personal character to the studio.


  1. Two thumbs up, Meghan for your photos and commentary. And to Katy Giordano, how sweet that she finally found someone to join her for lunch.
    And thanks also to Sandy Webster for some of the photos.

  2. Loved seeing the photos and recapping the day's highlights. No sense in bemoaning my own image. The camera doesn't lie, but I wish I had my eyes open when the flash goes off.

  3. I have studio envy! They are all lovely places I could live quite happily!


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