Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art Escape: Silk Scarf Dyeing

This week's Art Escape class was Silk Scarf Dyeing, taught by Michele Montour. The class offered students the opportunity to create two unique and colorful silk scarves. The students used different folding, twisting, and tying techniques to create texture, and then dyed the scarves with the colors of their choice. Each student tackled their scarves head-on, and each finished scarf had a beauty of its own.
A scarf, all tied up, and in the dyeing process.
Another scarf, all twisted and tied, in the dyeing process.
After the dye has been set and rinsed, the scarves must be ironed.
One of the finished products. Beautiful!
All three students with their first set of finished scarves.
Great texture details were added by tying and twisting the scarves before dyeing the silk.
These fun diamond bursts were created using marbles and ties before dyeing the silk.

Two Twelve offers Silk Scarf Dyeing, and other similar classes, throughout the year. Be sure to check out our brochure at

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