Monday, September 12, 2011

Our First Post: Short and Sweet

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the Two Twelve Arts Center blog. After more than five years of operation, a website, and a facebook page, we have decided to add one more media outlet to our repertoire.

Our mission in starting this blog is to deliver the latest news, events, and info to our friends and followers. We hope to offer insight into the happenings at the Arts Center, within our community, the art world, and the lives and work of local artists and friends.

If you would like to see a certain artist or instructor featured on our blog, let us know. We want to spread the arts to as many followers as we can. We are looking forward to hearing your comments and delivering the latest to you.

Join us!


  1. So happy to see the new blog. It'll be a great place to highlight some of the work that students do in classes, so everyone can see how wonderful the classes are. Also great to highlight instructors and artists. Looking forward to future posts! :-)

  2. Ann, welcome to our new blog. We're very excited about keeping everyone informed about what's hot and what's happening in our Two Twelve community.


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