Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Handmade for the Holidays

Our Holiday Sale is in full swing. We had a great weekend, and look forward to the rest of this week. If you haven't had a chance to stop by yet, this blog post goes out to YOU. Our sale continues through Saturday, December 17, and is open from 10am-6pm every day.

We all know holiday shopping can be stressful, and trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be a daunting task. If you are having trouble deciding where to shop and what to purchase this year, then stop by the Two Twelve Arts Center Holiday Sale and shop Handmade and Local. You won't regret it.

Reasons why you should shop Handmade for the Holidays:

1. All of our items are locally made; meaning shopping with us guarantees less waste and pollution, and a decrease in fossil fuel erosion. There is no delivering of products by truck or plane here.

2. In addition, locally made gifts means you are supporting artists in your own community. Art in the community = a well-rounded place to live! Trust me, art factors into more aspects of the community than you may think.

3. Not to mention, by supporting local business you are also helping to establish a better local economy.

4. You are guaranteed to find something original. Have you ever felt awkward opening a gift you already have? How frustrating is it to try and return unwanted gifts after the holidays? The malls are packed, and it's no fun.

5. There are gifts for all types of people. Men, women, children, moms, dads, siblings, in-laws, teachers, grandparents, neighbors, friends, the lady who waxes your eyebrows--really, anyone on your list!

6. There are gifts in a variety of price ranges. Looking for that perfect neighbor gift on a tight budget? How about an extravagant gift for your wife? You can find it all here.

7. All of your items can be gift wrapped. We provide bags, ribbon, and tissue paper so you can leave with gifts that are ready to give or place under your tree. Bonus: this also cuts back on the waste that shopping bags would create in your own home.

8. There are helpful, willing artists here throughout the entire sale that can be of great personal assistance. Sometimes we just need help making a decision (I speak from years of experience here), and who better to help than one of our very own Two Twelve artists?

9. You are buying gifts from someone who has enjoyed making them. This sounds silly, but if an item is able to carry positive energy and love then our gifts are PACKED with them. Pass that on to someone who can appreciate it.

10. A lot of artists use processes that involve upclying, and recycled materials. Purchasing these gifts is helping our environment.

11. You can create a direct relationship with the artists. They might even be here when you are shopping. If not, many of our artists have business cards and contact information available.

12. It's just fun. It is a different shopping experience. No pressure. Friendly people. Great holiday spirit.

What are your reasons for shopping handmade or local? Comment below and let us know.
I look forward to seeing you all at our Holiday Sale!
Now through Saturday, December 17, 10am-6pm
216 W. Michigan Ave., Saline, MI

Art Escape: Felt Collage

On Tuesday we held our last Art Escape class for the season, Felt Collage, taught by Michele Montour. Students enjoyed piecing together assorted colors and shapes of felt to make an art collage that could stand on its own, or be incorporated into another creation. The felt pieces were then pinned into place, and felted together using a water and soap mixture and lots of pressing and rolling. The finished collages turned out beautifully and were SO soft. I was wishing I had signed up for the class! Look out for this class in our next brochure, which will be available soon.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Cake Eaters Challenge FIRST

This past Friday, we had a FIRST in the history of Cake Eaters Challenges.

For those of you that don't know what a Cake Eaters Challenge is, I will start by explaining who the Cake Eaters are. Cake Eaters is our Friday morning group of artists/art enthusiasts. Every Friday (or, most Fridays) we meet to discuss what is going on at Two Twelve, around the community, have show and tell opportunities, and of course, eat cake (or some other equally delicious treat). This group is at the forefront of the arts community in Saline, and seems to gain a new member almost every week.

Cake Eaters Challenges are art challenges that are based on a particular theme. Sometimes Two Twelve artists are asked by the community to create particular types of work; for example, the Fairy Door, Mouse House, and upcoming Birdhouse Challenges have all been featured in Saline businesses during the month of February. Then there are the times that challenges are created due to a more-than-generous donation of a particular material; for example, the Key Challenge and upcoming Button Challenge. And for the rest of the challenges the theme is simply drawn out of a hat of suggestions.

This Friday we announced the People's Choice Winners of the Song Challenge. In Second Place we had a tie between Anne Sheill's piece based on the song, "Splish Splash," and Holly Kreag's piece, "Up On The Roof." And in First Place...

Here comes the FIRST...

Sandy Webster tied with...SANDY WEBSTER. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Sandy made two pieces for the Song Challenge and there was a tie between them for First Place. Sandy's first piece was a doll based off of the song "Sunshine On my Shoulder," that was also a beautiful reflection of her relationship with her daughter. Sandy also made a creature that perfectly emulated the silly song, "Purple People Eater."

Congrats to all of our winners!

Sandy Webster with her TWO First Place pieces.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Week in Photos

It was a busy week at Two Twelve Arts Center. Thus, the lack of posting on my part. So, my apologies, and, I present you with.....A Week in Photos! 
Here's a look at some of the happenings throughout the week.

Tuesday's Art Escape featured Beginning Embroidery with Kat Campau. The students worked on a birdbath image that can be incorporated into a pillow.

Mary Rochelle Burnham's Portraiture students worked hard on Thursday. Just look at these fantastic portraits!

Jennifer Lickers' Drawing students worked on a still life of vessels and dishes.

Michele Montour's Silk Scarf Dyeing class was held on Thursday evening. Myself and five other students had lots of fun making these colorful scarves.


The Cake Eaters had fun going through loads and loads of buttons (97 pounds, to be exact!) that were recently donated to Two Twelve. The buttons are inspiration for the March Cake Eaters Challenge, in which artists will create a work of art using the buttons.

The Cake Eaters also turned in their work for the Song Challenge. These will be on display at Two Twelve for the next week, and the People's Choice winner will be announced at next week's Cake Eaters. Visit Two Twelve to vote for your favorite by November 17th.

Until next week!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Meet the Author Sunday

Don't miss out on this new happening at Two Twelve!

This Sunday, November 6, from 1 to 3pm, Two Twelve Arts Center is hosting Meet the Author Sunday. This celebration of local talent will feature book readings by Claudia Whitsitt and Cheryl Ann Smith. The authors will be available to sign books and answer any questions you may have following their readings. Whitsitt's novel, "The Wrong Guy," is based loosely on the Michigan murders of the late 60s. Smith's novel, "The Accidental Courtesan," is her latest historical Regency romance.

Whitsitt, a Saline teacher, is also asking for the community to donate gently used books for elementary ages to Saline Area Schools. Collections will be taken at the Arts Center on the day of the reading.

This is sure to be a fun and entertaining Sunday. The event is free and open to the public.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Detroit Parade Company Tour...Our First Guest Post!

Last Friday, some Cake Eaters (our Friday morning artist group) had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Detroit Parade Company. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the group was able to get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the parade preparations. 
I was unable to attend, so Kat Campau is acting as our Guest Blogger of the day and giving us some information about the tour. Here is what Kat has to say:

Nine people from Two Twelve Arts toured The Parade Company in Detroit last Friday. We saw the floats in all stages of completion and repair. The tour guide showed us the process of making a float or character head. The Parade Company owns the largest number of character heads in the world, 400. Famous people from Michigan are featured as big heads.They even have a special group of pirates, made as a gift for them by artists in Italy. The pirates don't appear in the parade, but can be seen on the tour. A head can weigh from 5 to 60 lbs. To wear a head in the parade, people give a donation of $250. To be a clown, the cost is $1000. A special costume is designed and made for all the clowns.
Each float that is in the parade has a sponsor, who pays for the cost of making and repairing it. There are about 18 employees, and 2000 volunteers that work in the warehouse. Volunteers are involved in almost every aspect of running the parade. Any group or individual who wants to be part of this, can sign up on the website. When they walk in the door, volunteers are assigned a task. They can be painting a float one day, and greeting guests in costume another day.
One year in the 1980's there was no money to put on the parade. Art Van stepped in, and paid all the costs for that year, allowing the show to go on, as it has for 85 years.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Art Escape Rewind

It's time to get caught up on Art Escape classes...

Last week, Daniele O'Brien taught Zentangle ™ to a full Art Escape class. Students learned the basics of the process; in which beautiful images are created from repetitive patterns. Each student created at least one tile, and left with a kit and the direction to make more tiles in the future. Check out the photos from the class.

This week, Art Escape featured Kat Campau's class, Mixed Media Collage. Students had fun picking out 3D materials to combine with paint and gel medium into a textured collage. Students used images, text, and color to create a theme within their collage, and each finished collage was different from the rest.